Public Deliverables


D1.2 - Product Specification Sheets

D1.10 - Final legislation report for developments within PLEASURE

D4.4 - Report describing the effects of exogenous proteinase

D7.1 - Batch of cheese samples

D7.2 - Batch of meat samples

D7.3 - Batch of sauce sample

D7.4 - Batch of Pizzas samples Batch of Puffing pastry - meat

D7.5 - Batch of Puffing pastry - meat

D7.6 - Batch of Puffing pastry - Sweet filling

D7.7 - Mixer - 2 prototypes; one for pizza dough and one for LPP

D7.8 - Prototype sheeting machine - lamination for low saturated fat

D7.9 - Prototype bioreactor vessel able to produce low sugar fruit and vegetable preparations

D8.2 - Plan for disseminating the knowledge

D8.3 - Plan for disseminating the knowledge

D8.4 - Website online and project flyer

D8.5 - Project leaflet

D8.6 - Project leaflet

D8.7 - PLEASURE publications

D8.8 - PLEASURE proceedings - Meeting 1 for industry

D8.9 - PLEASURE proceedings - Meeting 2 for consumers

D8.10 - PLEASURE proceedings - Meeting 3 for policy makers

D8.11 - Report on exhibitions

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